In our shop you can discover used and new LPs and singles of Rock, Pop, Jazz, and many other genres however we are mainly specialized in World Music.


In Lefter Records,  we try to serve music from all around the world. Maybe not the countries, but we believe the songs and dances are brothers and sisters. If you can make your way to Lefter Records, we will be pleased to learn and introduce new music to Vinly lovers.

In Lefter Records, all items are categorised according to genres and alphabetically to help you dig fluently. Prices and gradings of albums can be find on the stickers of each record. We have 3 listening stations to discover, enjoy and check the condition of albums.


Lefter Records serves in many genres namely Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Punk, Reggae and etc. however we are specialised in World music. Especially we host one of the largest collection of Turkish music on Vinyl ever, including rarities.